Privacy by Default.

p≡p security

p≡p foundation

p≡p security is offering p≡p for mobile and p≡p for Desktop security products. p≡p security is supporting everyone, including enterprises and lawyers by protecting the privacy of their communication.

p≡p foundation is offering support for Free Software projects fighting for privacy and freedom of information as well as the p≡p engine and adapters to put into your software project.

p≡p security's purpose is to defend the right to privacy and security online. Our vision is to offer an automatic and easy to use solution to make all end-to-end written digital communications over the Internet ‘Private and Secure by Default and Design‘. We are committed to developing and broadly distributing complete and transparent software solutions for easy protection of privacy.

p≡p foundation advocates Privacy. The p≡p engine was developed for this purpose and drives several crypto standards on different digital channels. It shall ultimately restore Privacy by Default. p≡p engine is distributed as Free Software to support Privacy for everyone. With that p≡p aims to restore the balance again in worldwide communications in favor of Privacy and Freedom of Information.