Privacy by Default.

Hiring people with LinkedIn? Sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that!

We could offer jobs on LinkedIn, they said. That's a good option to find new members of staff, they said. I'm not so sure.

When I started to create an account, the first thing this webpage did was asking me to upload my full address book of contacts. All private data of all people I know I was asked to put into a central database on the Internet. Well, no ;-) And when I pressed “skip”, this thing even insisted. Sorry, that's totally impossible.

p≡p is a privacy project. It's about privacy of our users. How could I do such things ever?

So I will post the job offerings here in the blog now. Please spread them! And if you're interested to join in, just write to mailto:jobs-dev@pep-project.org! If you want to, you can optionally use this PGP key to encrypt (919A B074 4CC2 0F84 0E37 2D32 4B4A 2423 D041 C63D). We will take your inquiry serious and keep it confidential, so your privacy will be safe.

Sorry, LinkedIn, this isn't negotiable!

published Fri, 11 Sep 2015 15:28:17 +0200 #android #barcelona #ios #jobs #luxembourg #outlook #p≡p #zurich

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