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There's some rumors in the Internet that we'll go public with our project results on October 1st

People are getting enthusiastic ;-)

No, really, please remember: there is no fixed date. We cannot forsee exactly when everything will be ready. Until end of August p≡p was a pure voluntarily driven project. Therefore, we had no real planning, because all was depending on what was possible and what not.

This acutally changed now. Since this September we have the possibility to hire people (which we do now). This will not help us with such narrow dates for obvious reasons, though, but with later releases.

I was asked to communicate more open. And, well: so I do ;-) What I can tell is, that we're very close with Outlook and Android now. With iOS it's looking very good as well. Let's see what's happening in October. Looks like we can manage to have the first release then.

published Fri, 11 Sep 2015 14:45:55 +0200 #android #ios #outlook #p≡p

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