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p≡p – state of affairs

At last things are getting close to milestones now ;-)

Android made us some extra troubles. Looks like NDK is not as well as we expected it to be. But we're coming to an end now. Same game for iOS: problems with NetPGP fixed (actually, Edouard nearly did a complete rewrite), but things are working now. Integration is being done into the App of our Inboxcube friends, which will be p≡p for iOS.

And for myself: p≡p for Outlook is still in beta testing. We changed some things, and I'm working on the Outlook 2010 version – just because this version of Outlook is still very common. Newer Outlooks already are supported well ;-) For all these stuff we set a milestone at October 1st 2015, when we'll publish all things mentioned.

There will be extra good news on the Free Software side as well; stay on hold.

published Mon, 07 Sep 2015 08:48:09 +0200 #android #ios #outlook #p≡p

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