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Is p≡p development dead?

No, not at all.

Actually, we're doing more work here than ever. p≡p for Outlook is going through a beta test. p≡p for Android is being completed. Our Canadian partner is completing p≡p for iOS.

But I cannot see any of them in the repo.

That's true. Actually, we never used the public repo for development. We're driving a Trac internally. We don't develop in public repos. The public repo basically is a copy of the releases of p≡p. Because there is no release yet, you can still find the preview only.

You're behind schedule.

The fork of NetPGP was much more work than expected. But there is no GnuPG on iOS. So we're dependent on it. We decided to support both Android and iOS in the first place. That made us a huge workload. But we're not behind schedule. Why not? Because there was never a schedule ;-) We're still all volunteers.

published Tue, 14 Jul 2015 02:21:39 +0200 #android #ios #outlook #p≡p

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