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They must and will fail with reopening Crypto Wars

While Crypto wars had its time, today too many people have understood that their only way to secure themselves is applying hard cryptography.

If the government is here to protect their people and enterprises, they have to support all efforts of cryptographic self-defense. It's not only the NSA and the GCHQ who are endangering the whole free world with their approach of holistic surveillance. Other players like the Chinese are in this game, too, and all citizens and enterprises would be defenseless without good cryptography.

Of course, the governments all know. So it's no surprise that we just can see all the incorrigible bullheaded enemies of freedom again parroting all the same nonsense time and again without being confronted by any contact with reality. Well, the latter could and should be enforced by the people now I guess.

Please write your politicians that there is no need at all to repeat this discussion ad infinitum! Crypto Wars are something we're through for decades already. We've 2015 now.

If anyone in the governments want to notice that, please!

published Fri, 23 Jan 2015 23:12:23 +0100 #bullshit #cryptography #cryptowars #m(

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