Privacy by Default.

CCCZH Chaos Seminar about pretty Easy privacy

(via CCC auf archive.org)

(in German language again, sorry, will follow up with an English lecture soon)

Here you can find the slides.

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p≡p @datenspuren in Dresden, Germany

(the lecture is in German language)

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Wow – someone really loves p≡p…

p≡p donation

That's not a fake. Thank you so much, dear supporter! And thanks to all of you who're supporting us with money starting at $9. You're helping us a lot!

Here you can find the p≡p crowdfunding campaign

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“The idea of public-key cryptography is surprisingly simple, once you've figured it out.”

As a p≡p user you don't need to know how cryptography works exactly. But cryptography can be fun ;-) So if you're interested in the background, here is an article about How Two Men Unlocked Modern Encryption.

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Canada's openmedia.ca: “Protect our Privacy!”

video previewYouTube

(source: openmedia.ca)

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Why p≡p project isn't reachable via commercial HTTPS

TL;DR because commercial HTTPS isn't secure against surveillance. Here is why.

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p≡p for Outlook Preview for Download

Do you want to test how p≡p feels? Here is a preview of p≡p for Outlook to download (signature). This program is working on Windows 7 and Windows 8 32bit or 64bit, and requires Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 32bit to run (64bit will not work).

To install p≡p for Outlook Preview, just open pEp for Outlook Setup.msi and press “Install”.


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p≡p source code published

p≡p project announces the first pre-release of p≡p engine. You can find the source in our Mercurial repository. This is how p≡p works:

video previewYouTube

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Remove total surveillance from the Internet: European project “pretty Easy privacy” is going to restore privacy for everyone

pEp – pretty Easy privacy – is a bundle of solutions anyone can add to his or her communication tools. Instead of providing another crypto app it encrypts messages in those tools where people are creating them: SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Jabber (and more). It will run on the devices people own, including Windows, MacOS X, Apple iOS, Android and GNU/Linux based devices. And it is all 100% Free Software and Open Source.

“In these times we need a real privacy solution for all people. And the solution can't be that everyone has to drop what is connecting us to all of our friends.” says privacy evangelist Volker Birk. The German software architect, a known activist in the hacker community, wants to break with some dogma of the crypto community. “What we need is that technical stuff like picking keys, understanding cryptography algorithms and handling has to be the function of our computers, and the user just presses «send».”

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Preview of p≡p will be released on Monday

We will upload all code here on this homepage. Additionally, there will be a crowdfunding on Monday. Stay on hold.

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